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Multivitamins are a great “nutritional insurance plan”, allowing you to top off your body’s stores of key vitamins and minerals. But they’re not all made the same. We tested dozens of brands to figure out the best on the market.

In a perfect world everyone would get all of their required daily vitamins and minerals from their diet of natural, organic foods. And that should be something to strive for.


We don’t live in a perfect world. And often, especially when you’re traveling or your normal routine is otherwise interrupted, it can be easy to miss out on some of the elements that your body needs to perform at it’s optimal levels.

It’s easy to not even realize that this is happening, and it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what is causing an issue even if it’s obviously noticeable

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause a host of issues in the body if they go on for too long – everything from fatigue, to depression, to temporary nerve damage. Yes, temporary nerve damage.

Story time. Feel free to skip ahead.

A few years ago I started experiencing numbness in my pinky finger and the right side of my ring finger on my right hand. I initially assumed it would go away on it’s own, but after a few weeks of this I started to get nervous and did some WebMD searching (always a bad idea).

First potential cause I saw was called alcoholic neuropathy – essentially permanent nerve damage caused by prolonged exposure to alcohol. I was in my early twenties and drinking a decent amount so I figured that was it. I decided to stop drinking alcohol altogether for the rest of my life so the problem wouldn’t spread.

I had resigned myself to my sad sober fate when, fortunately, I stumbled across an article about a magic little vitamin called B12…

Turns out vitamin B12 deficiency can cause temporary nerve numbness, typically starting in your Ulnar nerve (the one connected to your pinky and outside ring finger). And you know what flushes a ton of B12 out of your system? Drinking alcohol.

What’s more, some people have a hard time absorbing B12 from food through their digestive system.

Lucky for me there was an easy fix – B12 lozenges. Specifically in the form of these 5000mcg Methyl-B12 lozenges which contain B12 in the form of methylcobalamin, the only form which easily crosses the blood-brain barrier.

These little guys dissolve in your mouth and absorb directly through your gums straight into your blood and to your brain. All I had to do was leave a lozenge to dissolve under my tongue twice a day and in a week my nerve damage was gone. 

That might seem like a random story but my point in telling it is to explain the potential side effects that seemingly harmless vitamin deficiencies can cause.

That’s where multivitamins come in.

A lot of people make the argument that multivitamins are useless because you end up peeing most of them out as excess that your body can’t process. And half of that argument is right – you do end up peeing a decent amount out. 

But…your body still absorbs what it needs of each element before shedding the rest. And that’s why we consider multi’s to be your body’s insurance plan – they effectively “top off” your stores of each vitamin.

The excess get’s flushed out, sure, but personally I’d rather pee out some vitamins and know I have adequate levels of everything I need versus simply hoping for the best. Especially if my diet isn’t quite on point for whatever reason. 

We recommend everyone take a multi to make sure they’re body’s stores are kept full, and fortunately for you we’ve compiled our top three favorite multivitamin products of 2021 below. 


Best Organic Option
mykind Organic

Organic Ingredients

Prostate Supplement

Methylcobalamin B12


Best Overall
Pure Encapsulations

Ideal Dose of Ingredients

Reputable Supplier

Rhonda Patrick Approved

Best Budget Option

Low Price Per Serving

High Potency

Amino Acid Blend

Best Overall – Pure Encapsulations ONE

  • Ideal dosing of essential vitamins and minerals
  • Antioxidant and cognitive support
  • Trusted non-GMO supplier
  • Fair price
  • Recommended by Rhonda Patrick

Serving Size:  1 capsule
Servings:  60
Price Per Serving: $0.62

If you’ve read our post on the Rhonda Patrick’s daily vitamins and supplements then you’re familiar with our favorite multivitamin product: Pure Encapsulations O.N.E.

We actually started using this multi a few years back after seeing the recommendation from Rhonda, and we’ve had no complaints ever since. The company somehow manages to combine a staggering amount of essential vitamins and minerals into a single capsule serving, which is honestly impressive but also makes for real ease of use.

They’ve included the usual suspects like Vitamin’s A, C, D and E in highly bioavailable forms, as well as ingredients that you don’t often see in multivitamins like CoQ10 and antioxidant folate complex Metafolin.

There’s a full spectrum of B vitamins but what we really appreciate is the B12 included in the form of methylcobalamin. If you read the nerve damage story above you’ll know that methylcobalamin B12 is the most bioavailable form available, and also the most effective at passing through the blood-brain barrier. And the dose of 500mcg is a great daily goal.

In short, Pure Encapsulations O.N.E. offers a great blend of vitamins and minerals from one of the most reputable supplement companies on the market – and at a price per serving that’s hard to beat.

We do recommend taking it with a meal as taking any multivitamin on an empty stomach can cause nausea

Best Organic Option – mykind Organics Men’s Multi

  • Good balance of effective ingredients
  • Sourced primarily from organic food blends
  • Low price per serving

Serving Size:  1 tablet
Servings:  60
Price Per Serving: $0.61

If you’re looking for an organic and primarily plant based multivitamin option then your best bet are the men’s once daily tablets from mykind Organic. 

As you’ll see in the fairly unique nutrition facts image below, they source the bulk of their vitamin and mineral compounds from what they term their ‘Organic Food Blend’. And they package all of it into a single-tablet serving with a solid dose of daily vitamins and minerals. 

They’ve included selenium for prostate health, B vitamins for energy and heart health, and D3 which they actually derive from lichen. Their B12 comes in the form of methylcobalamin here as well which we love to see.

The dosing isn’t nearly as high as Pure Encapsulations, but considering that the compounds are all organic and derived from plant sources it’s still impressive that they are able to achieve the dosage levels they do. 


Best Budget Option – Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

  • Low price per serving
  • Strong dosing of ingredients 
  • Energy and immune support

Serving Size: 3 tablets
Servings:  80
Price Per Serving: $0.51

Rounding out the list is our best budget option multivitamin: Opti-Men tablets from Optimum Nutrition. 

The three-tablet serving from Optimum offers a heavy dose of vitamins and minerals for immune support and energy boosting, but what’s interesting is that they also include a few other proprietary blends as well

First of these is their amino acid blend which offers Glutamine, Threonine, Arginine, and others. Unfortunately although they provide the total volume of 1 gram, the ingredients are bunched together and we can’t see the dosing of each one individually. 

 They also include what they term their ‘Phyto Blend’, which given the low total dose of 100mg probably won’t have that much of an impact, but it’s made up of a number of different fruits and vegetables in powdered form. 

OptiMen isn’t our first choice for a multi since the vitamins are a bit over-dosed (leading to excess waste), and the proprietary blends mean we can’t get accurate dosing, but it’s still a fair option if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative. 



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Most of the testosterone boosting supplements on the market are bullshit. There. We said it. At best they have a barely-measurable effect and at worst they do nothing or could even be harmful. But fortunately there’s hope for those of us who aren’t quite ready to stick a needle in our ass just yet.
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THE PSO-RITE REVIEW – A Game Changing Tool For Mobility and Muscle-Release

We were skeptical about the Pso-Rite to begin with, we’ll admit it. But when you keep hearing rave reviews from the likes of Joe Rogan, UFC fighters, NFL athletes, and other high-performing individuals, it’s hard to ignore. And needless to say we weren’t disappointed when we finally tried the tool for ourselves.

Designed in the shape of a therapists hands with the hardness of an elbow, the Pso-Rite allows you to easily massage and release your psoas complex (hip flexors) along with a number of other key muscle groups – leading to better mobility, less chronic pain, better circulation, and a host of other benefits.

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[2022] EVERLYWELL FOOD SENSITIVITY TEST REVIEW – The Top Food Sensitivity Testing Service For 2022, And Our Guide To Which Package Is Right For You

Ever eat a meal and get a headache afterwards out of nowhere? Or maybe it makes your brain feel slow, or gives you an upset stomach, and you have no idea why? Food sensitivity could be to blame. These sensitivities aren’t quite allergies in the sense that they’re dangerous, but their mild symptoms can absolutely affect your performance. And if you have no idea what’s causing them there’s no way to stop it.

The only way to really identify the culprit and avoid any future issues is with food sensitivity blood tests. These tests measure your body’s immune response to a wide variety of food and give you actionable information to better improve your health overall.

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DNA SEQUENCING GUIDE – Our Review Of 23andMe + How To Use Rhonda Patrick’s Analysis Tool For The Best Genetic Health Reports Available

In the past five years the price of getting a full genetic sequence test has gotten so low that it’s benefits are now open to anyone. These DNA tests give you key insights into your health – factors like muscle composition, genetic age, weight loss traits, and specific genetic health risks that can show trends for certain diseases.

At the very least these tests give you a better sense of how your body reacts to diet and exercise, and at best they can quite literally save your life by showing you potential health risks from genetic variants.

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The only problem was that up until a couple years ago the only supplements that you could find (if you could get your hands on any) tasted like straight up gasoline. It was hard not to gag getting them down. Fortunately there have been some great recent developments and nowadays there are a few supplements on the market that taste decent while still giving you the same great benefits. We’ve compiled our three favorite options here.

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[2022] VERMA FARMS CBD REVIEW – Our #1 CBD Supplement Source

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